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Hi! I'm Jill!

I'm a Graphic & UX/UI designer based in Vancouver, B.C. My design philosophy is to create designs that seamlessly solve problems and remind people of humanity in this technology awash world. 
I’m from Taiwan, a small island located in the western Pacific Ocean that lies roughly 100 miles off the coast of southeastern China. My mom is an aesthete, so I spent most of my childhood drawing, reading and visiting museums. I was determined to become an English writer after knowing I missed the opportunity to attend Hogwarts(where was my letter?), so I studied hard and always knew that my future lay somewhere outside this little island. I was into astronomy in high school, which made me realize there was so much more out there, and there was something greater than all of us. I fulfilled my childhood dream by getting into English literature department at National ChengChi University and was amazed by the deep observation of humanity from those literature giants; thus I joined AIESEC, the world biggest international youth non-profitable organization, to discover the bigger world and hope to contribute to humanity. Through AIESEC, I travelled to 10 countries and befriended youth from 70+ countries, spent a month volunteering in Tunisia, further took a gap year from my senior year and went to Thailand to work for the head office of AIESEC in Thailand.
Though knowing there were so many opportunities for me, I started a role as a headhunter(talent recruiter) with a small recruiting firm after I graduated from university. I soon discovered that wasn’t what I wanted, so I landed a new opportunity in which I was given the responsibility to design the e-learning platform for oversea students. I got to know the concept of user experience design and that led my way to the things that I cared the most — art and humanity. I came to Canada in 2019 to pivot my career into design and it has been 3 years since; I've never regretted a single moment. I know I’ve found my calling.
Aside from my life-long service as a designer and Potterhead(die-hard Harry Potter fan), snowboarding has been my mistress since March, 2021. Every sport requires high concentration and tenacity to master, but snowboarding is the first sport that not only challenges me but also strengthens my will power and brings the best out of me.
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