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Project brief
The project’s challenge is to create a conceptual contemporary design for three different flavors of a new alcoholic or non-alcoholic line of beverages. The design includes an original brand name, logo, and brand artwork that goes along with the concept statement. Each package will include specific flavors conceptual names for each drink.

Design rationale
This is a series of herbal teas inspired by three most well-known ancient Egyptian gods: Anubis, Ra and Sekhmet. The herbal selection includes cinnamon, licorice and hibiscus roots, which are commonly used ingredients in Egyptian drinks and food.
The tagline of each flavor is inspired by the special powers/characteristics of the specific god. Ra is the god of rebirth, the god of sun, and the creator of everything. So the flavor is called The Rebirth: empowered by the almighty. Sekhmet is a lioness, the goddess of healing. So the drink offers a divine vision, and awakens our inner lion. Anubis, is mostly known as the god of death, but he also symbolizes the regeneration and life; he is the god who ushers souls into the afterlife. It makes him the guidance to the divine. 
The Art Deco style of brand artwork is inspired by the Egyptian pyramids. The starry sky symbolizes the considerable role of astronomy with ancient Egyptians. 

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Beverage packaging
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