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Project brief
This Christmas campaign is one of the biggest yearly photography competition with big prizes from sponsored partners. The design requires a landing page to be designed in mobile 375px, tablet 768px, desktop 1280px + 1440px + 1900px, promotional assets such as email(mobile + web), in-app, Instagram stories + ads, Facebook ads, Pinterest promo pin, and hero images for blog posts. 
The landing page design also requires the collaboration and technical communication with the web developers.

Design rationale
The magazine includes ideas, articles and artworks that inspire audience to go beyond the art practice with sustainability. From floral design to land art, it talks about how to use non-toxic, sustainable materials in artworks, and integrating conceptual ideas of sustainability into the creation. This publication is a guidance to unveil the humanity with our mother earth. 
The choice of the color palette aims to create a gentle and peaceful atmosphere. The enlarged fonts, photographies and white spaces are designed to create a space for the audience to breathe, to pause a second from their busy lives; then immerse themselves in this lifestyle magazine, to reconnect with art, nature and human.

#Brand design
#Campaign design
#Responsive web design

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