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Van gogh museum


Project brief
The project is to create a new, combination mark logo and stationery system for an existing museum or gallery. The logo is to be designed in no more than two PMS inks and, if desired, their tints. Van Gogh Museum, Dutch institution dedicated to the works of Vincent van Gogh, is chosen to be the client.

Design rationale
The logo is inspired by Van Gogh’s iconic style and elements from his paintings — the pipe from his self portrait, the fluid dynamics and the color theme from his famous painting “Starry Night.” A yellow brush stroke behind the logotype revives Van Gogh’s energy and his passion as an artist.
The stationery system is designed with the same momentum by applying elements from the logo. Three variations of visitor stickers is inspired by the Pantone color card, to amuse all art-lover visitors.

#Stationery system

#Advertising design

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